Orange Park RC
The high level of living standard in Orange Park RC is determined by the highest quality of construction and a unique concept. A significant value of the residential complex is the large and friendly Orange family. About 1,000 families already living here have created an atmosphere of positivity and warmth, good neighbourliness and mutual respect, sensitivity and mutual understanding. There will be 2,500 of us soon!
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Orange Park is
  • 12 houses in operation 7 under construction
  • Closed area and protection Security and video surveillance 24/7
  • Yards as large as football fields with an area of 4,000 sq. m
  • Pram storage room in each entrance hall
  • Business class elevatorsЛіфти бізнес-класу
  • Service client and individual housing maintenance office
  • Separate kindergarten on the territory
  • Lakes, 31 ha forest
  • 24/7 hypermarket
The Orange Park residential complex is the embodiment of modern European style, which stands out among all typical new buildings and goes beyond the usual architecture. Uniqueness, conciseness and pleasant colours evoke sensation of harmony and comfort, exclusivity, and refined taste. We planned the location of the houses so that each yard in the complex has a record-breaking car-free area in the new-build market – 4,000 sq. m. The yard with a promenade with play spaces, surrounded by unique architecture, provides maximum comfort, peace and security to our residents.
In the construction of the Orange Park RC we use modern cast-in-place construction technology. We build houses on a concrete cushion block, immersed in the ground to a depth of 2 meters. We prefer aerated concrete with a thickness of 200 mm with additional insulation with a basalt slab – an environmentally friendly and fire-retardant material. This combination of materials is the most practical in modern cast-in-place construction technology. It is the safest for health and is considered the best in terms of energy saving.
At Orange Park we do not limit ourselves to the unique concept of the complex. We provide the high level quality of apartments, instead of handing over empty boxes with rough repairs, which then require even more intervention to eliminate shortcomings. We hand over each apartment with a premium finish and equipment, which provides you with significant savings in time, money for repairs and spares your nerves.
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