The business in the Orange Park residential complex is bound to be successful, because about 1,000 families already live in the complex, and the master plan of the project provides for more than 2,500 apartments.

The commercial infrastructure in the Orange Park residential complex is developing rapidly and has a huge potential. In 2020, the first commercial complex began to operate, which houses: a kindergarten, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a pizzeria, a gift shop, a travel agency and other services. The establishments are in great demand and create their own charming and bright atmosphere in the RC. Other commercial premises in the second commercial complex will soon be launched.
There are commercial premises for different activities and different areas in Orange Park residential complex. All the premises are located along the facade of Odeska street roadway, opposite "Fora" hypermarket. Busy daily traffic of both cars and pedestrians is guaranteed.

The 3-storey commercial building of Orange Park residential complex deserves special attention. Commercial premises are also available on the ground floors of residential buildings located on the first line along Odeska Street.

Sales of commercial premises with an area of 39 sq. m, 44 sq. m, 59 sq. m, 62 sq. m, 69 sq. m, 83 sq. m, 108 sq. m, 152 sq. m and 211 sq. m are currently launched.

Examples of projects that have chosen Orange park's Commercial Solution:
Opening of the travel agency "Let's go with us" in Orange Park RC
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